I am not a patron of the self checkout line at the giant grocery store.  I am unfailingly grateful that the human cashier option still remains.  Leaving the house at any time can be considered an opportunity for polite interaction, perhaps even conversation, ideally a few jokes exchanged.  By “joke” I mean anything said or […]

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Another day of frequent wind gusts, some with a blazing sun, others cool under the shade of grey tinged clouds.  The variations provide a quiet thrill for those not otherwise occupied. And so it would seem that a measure of unpredictability is a wholly natural state.  Which would make it logical to  expect exceptions to […]

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  My mind is often far removed in a mess of thoughts whirling with regret and worry and maybe and why. How to remain present to the immediate moment and all the lives contained therein?  It may be that the lives around us need to be allowed their full importance, to ensure that we care […]

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It does not take much time to write or call public officials, particularly since the 2016 election has resulted in so many calls and links encouraging us to do so.  As an Early American scholar, I have soaked up enough idealism from the likes of Thomas Paine and Ben Franklin to absolutely assure my deep, […]

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I once told a student: “the thing about leaving class early or ignoring the reading is that you never know if you’ll miss something that you would have thought about for the rest of your life.” As anecdotal back-up, I not only recall, but base much of my thinking, on a fun fact heard in […]

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The clouds today a glory rendering glorious to look upon . Good not forced to wane extends all reaching. Seeing eyes the very prize of life forms all observing. Inhale air sweet for sweetening.  

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