How did it happen that huge, insanely profitable corporations are now  largely viewed as symbols of freedom in need of protection?  When did accountability and transparency -and absolutely any demands that people and lands not be exploited – become the enemy? What a coup.

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  I read an article about how smartphone use in the current teenaged generation looks to be resulting in increased loneliness, with a likely looming mental health crisis on a large scale.  My particular internet siren call is the daily news, which I have successfully cut back by about 75% in recent weeks and still […]

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  I have mostly given up on the procurement of an academic position.  Though I do manage the occasional adjunct gig, the enviable status of a tenured professor is, admittedly and alas, outside the realm of reality for one such as I.  Meaning, not having pursued publication with a focused vengeance.   Meaning, no internships […]

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At what exact median, I wonder, exists the ideal state of mind between between lowdown self-loathing and wildly confident optimism?   Or is it an ongoing struggle for the victory of the true self?

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How many of us are still hoping for the best?  How many of us are peace loving?  How many of us notice a sweet smelling breeze on a perfect summer day?  How many of us dearly want to see our children grow up in a world that still has water safe for drinking and swimming? […]

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I called in to the fed loan people to AGAIN request forbearance on my student loans.  As an adjunct instructor, the likelihood of an ongoing lack of a paycheck is unavoidable, as this summer examples.  No classes offered for me to teach, no income, no repayment.  My borrowed amount is now doubled in terms of […]

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Not for the first time, and I can only maintain vigilance to make it nearly if not the very last time, I reached a point of shame and alarm having honestly assessed my smartphone usage. Yesterday I’d woken up and after checking the weather, didn’t wisely set the phone down but instead proceeded to read […]

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